I'm Connie, Digital Multimedia Designer based in TX!

An undergrad who's passionate about art and design. I'm a creative individual who loves to create content and collaborate with others. Constantly eager to learn something new and enhance my skillset. My top 3 areas of interest are journalism, digital media and art. Throughout my site you will see projects for those 3 categories.

Besides creating content, I like to also design and write. Digital Media is my biggest interest and I express my interest for it through my many projects. Whether its through visuals or writing, I tend to express myself through my work.



As an emerging digital media innovator, I am excited to offer a range of services designed to enhance your online presence and drive your digital success. Despite being new to the industry, my enthusiasm and fresh perspective ensure that I bring creativity and dedication to every project. Here are the services I provide:

Content Creation & Marketing

Develop comprehensive content strategies to align with brand goals and target audience engagement.
Produce high-quality videos, graphics, and podcasts using industry-standard tools.
Enhance visual appeal, convey information effectively, and support branding efforts.

Social Media Management

Assist with the creation and initial management of social media profiles across all platforms.
Manage social media campaigns that increased follower count and engagement rates.
Create and manage editorial calendars for consistent content delivery.

Content Writing

Write engaging blog posts and social media updates to boost audience interaction.
Ensure accuracy, clarity, and consistency in your content with my copy editing and proofreading services.
Boost engagement, grow the audience, and strengthen the social media presence.

Analytics & Performance Tracking

Monitor and analyze social media performance to optimize content and engagement strategies.
Track social media metrics, analyze audience behavior, and identify content opportunities.
Improve social media ROI, increase engagement, and refine content strategies for better results.

Latest Projects

Here I present my latest digital media projects, each reflecting my commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence. These projects highlight my ability to deliver impactful digital solutions that engage audiences and drive results.

Multimedia Journalism
Commuting Stress: Texas State University Students Navigate Mental Health Challenges

Long commutes to Texas State University can affect the mental health of both students and staff.

Data Journalism
Texas Counties: High Mental Health Facilities in Hardeman and High Depression in Kenedy

The lack of mental health facilities in Medicare deepens throughout Texas Counties, leaving patients with depressive disorders with limited access to essential healthcare.

Communication Design
Book Cover Reimagined

Using Photoshop and Illustrator, I created my book cover version based on the book Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.