My Favorite Artists

I have many favorite artists but I'm basing these on the alternative / metalcore rock genre. My top two favorite bands ever are Motionless In White and Tokio Hotel. Ever since I was a little kid/early teenager I was introduced to the alternative rock/screamo genre. I went through an emo phase and till this day I can't seem to excape it, but I don't mind it. These bands mean so much to me and I'll be forever appreciated and attached to them. I was always told off for listening to emo people scream but I enjoy it and that's all that matters. People only hear the screaming and don't really pay attention to the lyrics.

motionless09 motionless

Motionless In White was one of the first rock bands I listened to in the emo scene. Of course it wasn't exactly my favorite at first but I grew a big liking to them as I was growing up. Originally Black Veil Brides were the ones who introduced me to all these emo bands and they were my top favorite for a long time, but then I eventually started expanding my music taste and eventually I ran into Motionless In White. I actually saw them live when I was 14, they had came to San Antonio and I made my dad take me (it was kind of awkward). I was able to see so many other bands perform as well, it was really cool and I'll never forget it. I'm hoping to perhaps see them live again one day, I want to be able to remember it very vividly. No matter how obsessed I may be with another band at the moment, Motionless will forever have my heart because they raised me. Every time I felt alone they were there and honestly they have gotten me through so much. Their albums "Creatures" and "Infamous" literally raised me. They're very important to me and forever are going to remain being my number 1 favorite band.

Top Songs Albums Genre
Cobwebs Creatures Metalcore
Burned at Both Ends Infamous Metalcore
Synthetic Love Infamous Metalcore
Dark Passenger Reincarnate Metalcore

tokio1 tokio

Tokio Hotel is my second favorite band, they were indeed one of the first emo bands I learned about in the alternative rock/screamo scene. I remembered being obsessed with them when I was barely a teen. Till this day I am still listening to them because I love them so much. Just like Motionless In White they have also raised me and they mean a lot to me. Their album "Scream" raised me and it reminds me so much of my childhood. I feel really nostalgic when I listen to these bands because they remind me of certain points in my life. The cool thing about this band is that they're German and the majority of their songs are in German. Because of Tokio Hotel I have felt inspired to learn their language, not only to sing along but to perhaps maybe visit one day. I already know Spanish, its my native, but learning more languages is interesting to me and I hope to fully achieve it one day. I hate that was barely a teen when these bands first took off because I didn't get to actually "experience" it, but even though they grew out their emo phase and they're happy now, I hope to one day see them live. Just like Motionless In White, I need to make my inner child happy by seeing my favorite people perform.

Top Songs Albums Genre
Wo sind eure Hände Zimmer 483 Alternative Rock
Don't Jump Scream Alternative Rock
On The Edge Scream Alternative Rock
Pain of Love Humanoid Alternative Rock