My Pets


I've had MANY pets throughout my life, I've had at least 15 dogs throughout my lifetime. Many have come and gone and even though I appreciate every single one of them there are 8 dogs I will forever love with all my heart. I believe my first dog I ever got was when I was around 8 years old, he was a gift from my grandparents. His name was Pewie (it means small) and he was this chocolate brown chihuahua who hated me, but I loved him so much. Sadly he passed due to an attack by big dogs and since then to prevent me from being sad, my parents just kept getting me dogs. I know it's not really good to do that but I was a kid and I had no one to play with as my brother was only a few months old. I went through many many dogs but once I hit 12 I got my childhood dog. Every dog I had we just named them all Pewie because it was my legacy for my dogs.

pet mancha

Except this Pewie was a girl, still a chihuahua though. Out of love we called her Pewa, Pewa had 10 kids in total. 5 in 2012 and 5 in 2018. Throughout those pregnancies she had 3 puppies who I will adore till the end of the time. Freckles, Rosie, and Manchitas were her kids. Freckles and Rosie (they were the ones we kept from her babies) both passed back in 2016 and 2017. Manchitas was born in 2018 and they were inseperable, but due to Covid and health reasons Pewa passed in 2020. Manchitas was lonely until Capitan, my cousins beagle, made his way into my home. Since then Manchitas had puppies and one of those puppies had puppies. Rosie (in honor of the first Rosie because they were literal twins), Flaquita, Oreo are her kids and Perrucha is Flaquita's puppy. Capitan is the first dog I've had who's not a chihuahua.

capi herma

I recently lost Rosie about a month ago and I lost Oreo last october. Although I'm only down to 4 dogs, those 10 will forever have my heart and I'm very grateful I got to spend time with all of them. My dogs mean so much to me and I love talking about them any chance I get. When I didn't have anybody, I had my dogs and they always made everything better. Althought they are just like children, I prefer them over actual children. Even though they're no longer on this earth with me, they will forever be with me wherever I go.