My Traveling Destinations


I'm someone who really enjoys traveling, but I would like to travel to many more places besides Mexico. My bucket list for traveling consists of Washington State (specifically Seattle and Forks), Oregon State (this relates to Forks and these are all Twilight related reasons), California (which I've gone to before), Germany, and Italy. Washington and Oregon are known for its beautiful scenery and I would love to experience it in person. Also I'm a HUGE Twilight fan and these are indeed the places where it took place. I traveled to California and Vegas when I was 15, but I couldn't do much since it rained and I was also a minor.

Twilight Locations to Visit

My reasoning for going to California was because of Disneyland, it was a birthday gift from my family. It's cheaper to land in Vegas and drive to California. I did get a chance to roam through Los Angeles and Hollywood, I even visited some famous celebrities houses. As for Vegas I was a minor and I couldn't do much, but it was somewhat pretty. It really does live up to its name "The city that never sleeps". As for Italy and Germany, well I'm very much interested in the culture and language. I currently am learning German on my own, its more of a hobby that I do in my free time.

Places I Visited

  1. The Beatles Exhibit in Vegas
  2. California Adventures
  3. Disneyland Resort
  4. Hollywood Hall of Fame

Where did that interest come from? Well since I was 12 and obsessed with music, I developed the love for a certain german alternative rock band and since then my interest peaked. I didn't exactly start learning until my 22 years of age, although it would have been cool if I was 12 speaking German. Because of them I got really into this language and based on the research I've done, it would be a really cool place to visit one day. As for Italy, I really like italian food, I read a lot about italians, and well Italian is similar to spanish therefore learning isn't too difficult for me. These are on my bucket list of goals to achieve before I turn 30.

Traveling Bucket List