Overall Experience

Here are my thoughts on this whole experience.

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What do I think overall?

I will forever be a traveler at heart. I love exploring new places and trying new things. I am someone who needs to have a new environment every once in a while. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to travel to Las Vegas and California. I tried new foods, I saw new places, I was around actual celebrities, it really was quite the experience. The only thing that did suck was that it rained literally most of the time that we were, but we still made it work. I couldn't exactly do much in Vegas since I was a minor and it was mostly casinos. In California though I was allowed everywhere and it was fun. I have cousins over there and they showed me how they live their LA life. Las Vegas in general I wouldn't recommend if you're not into loud everything, no sleep, gambling or bright lights. It is pretty and all, but it does live to its motto of being "the city that never sleeps". I can confirm that this saying is true, Vegas seems more fun if you're under the influence.

California is one of the busiest cities ever and traffic is bad. That's not really news but it hits different when you're in there yourself. It was also really hot and just packed in general. Just like any other state it has its pros and cons. I think my favorite part of California was its beaches. Something about a beach is just so relaxing and I love it so much. Despise its flaws, I will be visiting in the future. I recommend everybody to travel at least once. Experiencing new things is part of life and we all deserve a chance. Now that I'm older I have ideas and plans for when I visit once more. Even though my first experience was a bit weird (due to many factors), I don't regret it whatsoever. I'm happy I went through with it and I wish I could experience it for the first time again.