Here are some things I didn't include in the main pages. Only because I felt like they weren't enough for the main page.

Let's find out!

Interesting things that happened to me

So right away I mention that I was only 15 when I arrived in Vegas. Well our first night in Vegas my cousin (21, male) and I got kicked out of a casino (Ceaser's Palace to be exact) for just standing there. We weren't doing anything at all, we were just standing waiting and they told us to get out. So of course we were upset and couldn't stop making jokes about it. Vegas sure proved to be explicit and loud, just like how they advertise themselves.

When we went to Disneyland and California Adventures we were there all day. We met Olaf and Woody, we took pictures with them! That day was so fun but super tiring, we could not feel our feet afterwards. It didn't help that we were super hungry and it was just intense. We were parked so far away too and everything just fell on us, but still wouldn't trade that experience.

When I went to Cali, personally my family was kind of going through it. So I was able to experience the struggling life two 20 somethings struggling to make it in LA. They're super successful but I got to live the experience and it was interesting. What I lived in those two weeks, is what I lived in the past 3 years as a transfer in San Marcos. Its a humbling experience but we learn and grow from it. My whole trip I slept on a couch of some sort and honestly it wasn't too bad. I got to play with dogs so I didn't even mind.