Locations I Explored

Here are 4 places I explored!

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Locations I Explored

Disneyland has been a location I have always wanted to visit and thankfully, I was able to go when I was 15. Disneyland and California Adventures are on the same grounds. With Just a stamp you are able to travel back and forth within both parks. I recommend visiting these places because it's really fun and it's a good place to bond with people. As a kid I was big on Disney and I truly teared up when I reached Carsland because Cars is one of my favorite movies ever. It truly is the most magical place on Earth, it's something everybody should experience once!

The Hollywood Hall of Fame is something that's talked about in the Hollywood area. I expected it to be an actual hall but it wasn't. It does live up to its name though because it really is a "walk of fame". To me it was a cool experience because it was probably the closest I was to any celebrity. It was really exciting to see many of my favorite celebrities on these infamous stars. I even saw stars for fictional characters, I remember going crazy over Shrek's star. The walk can be quite long but its worth it, it's definitely worth the walk!

Just like most beaches, the Santa Monica Pier is full of many things to do followed by a beautiful view. Walking on the boardwalk is nice and relaxing, especially when witnessing the sunrise. Everything at Santa Monica is at walking distance which is really nice because you don't have to worry about parking much. There are many shops and restaurants near the pier, it all really adds to the experience. If you're looking for something to do with others I suggest visiting the pier, you won't regret it!

We visited The Beatles "Cirque Du Soleil" exhibition and it was amazing. As a life long Beatles fan, it was really exciting to see a small museum like place dedicated to this band. When we were there luckily it wasn't as busy, but it sure is something that must be explored. Regardless of who the artist is, I'm glad these places make a space for these really famous artists. Because regardless if they're liked or not, they are a part of history.

Here's a look at some of these locations!