Travel Through My Eyes

See the world through my eyes. Here's a collection of some of the best pictures I took during my trip!

Visit Las Vegas

The Beatles and Downtown Vegas

Traveling is fun

I was able to explore in both state, not too much but I did do my fair share of exploring. One of my favorite locations that I was able to photograph was The Beatles exhibition, "Cirque Du Soleil". Since I was a child I was obsessed with The Beatles (thanks to my dad) and visiting this small musuem like place was so exciting. They had a lot of items that were autogrpahed by the Beatles themselves. They kept a lot of iconic instruments and objects, overall it was a really cool experience and I would do it again.

I think we visited around 3 beaches since California is full of beaches, but I was only able to photograph Santa Monica and Malibu beach. The Santa Monica pier was a nice experience, the vibes were everything. Malibu was more peaceful as we were alone and it was around sunset time. The cool thing about Malibu beach is that we were near the location where Hannah Montana was filmed. Sunsets in California are so nice and watching them while you're at the beach is such a vibe. I will definitely be going back at some point.

Although I like all things Disney, Cars will forever be my top favorite. Walking around in Carsland felt like a fever dream. Its exactly how it was in the movie, it legit made me emotional because I felt so happy. Cars means a lot to me so witnessing it in person was insane but very exciting. I felt like a little kid and it all felt so unreal, it was so amazing. Disneyland and California Adventures is something everybody should experience, if you're looking for some fun stop by these parks, you won't regret it!